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iHireHospitality is dedicated to sourcing jobs in the hospitality industry and helping employers in this sector find talented candidates. This encompasses positions for food service managers (banquet, bar, catering, food and beverage, kitchen), service managers (ex: conference, meeting, convention), sales representatives, operations managers (ex: regional director, casino), directors of entertainment, managers of housekeeping, and other executive/supervisory staff (ex: front office managers, VPs, assistant managers, general managers).

As tourism and travel becomes more common, hospitality workers will be in higher demand. However, growth of this field is limited by the fact that several institutions are beginning to use a single manager to oversee multiple areas of operation, reducing the number of employees needed per location. The employment outlook between 2014 and 2024 projects an 8% increase for lodging managers and a 6.4% expansion for the overall hospitality/hospitality services industry. States with high concentrations of leisure/hospitality opportunities include New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Montana.

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