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"Great info and search ability."

Patrick P.

Beloit, WI
"Very helpful in sending me notifications of pertinent job openings. Highly recommend."

Charlie P.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
"Great job with getting me relevant search results that helped me find another role that fits!"


Miramonte, CA
"I have used this site repeatedly in my job search. You should try it."

Michael R.

White Plains, NY
"I would like to congratulate you on the ease of use of your site. Many are complicated and tiresome, it only took me a few minutes to register and answer a few basic questions - with your help, my resume will do the rest. Thank you."

Jacquelyn L.

Long Beach, CA
"....I really would like to personally thank you for giving me this opportunity to share important information to get me start immediately....."

Erica T.

"I was searching for a job for a while until I got online on and in less than two weeks I was hired for a job."

Horacio R.

Kissimmee, FL
"It's been a long time now since I have thought of looking for another career and I have found this site to be easy as well as helpful in setting up my old employment history. "

Patrice T.

Kansas City, MO
"Good quality job postings from relevant employers"

Amy J.

Beaverton, OR
"This website has been helpful in my search for a career. I appreciate the updates and emails that I receive for job opportunities."

Chere R.

Lincolnwood, IL
"I was offered a job as a General Manager!"

Maryland M.

San Antonio, TX
"I have yet to handle as well or as good as these people have been with me. I am happy and pleased with their efforts to assist me in my efforts."

Douglas G.

Mansfield, OH
"This is an excellent job search site with quality positions...."

Jeffrey B.

Rochester, NY
"Thank you for the opportunity to use this site to search only the hospitality industry."

Glenda R.

Huntsville, AR
"It has given me the opportunity to see jobs that I may have missed! It had the most information! "

Melissa M.

Coventry, RI
"I find it refreshing that your services offered are free. When someone is out of work, it is usually hard to spill out cash for these types of services. I will certainly recommend you to my peers, and the next HR person I come across! Kudos!"

George T F.

North Bergen, NJ
"I received the right matches and quickly received multiple interviews. "

David K.

Norwood, MA
"I had an employer call me yesterday from South Carolina. We've been in contact three times already and are about to start negotiations. What a wonderful surprise! Thanks so much for your help. "

Glyn A.

Lewes, DE
"Filling out this resume/information was a breeze compared to most. Try it. I now know that because of this and a positive attitude I will be in a new position as a motel/hotel manager in no time flat."

Ralph V.

Long Beach, CA
"The search engines worked very well and e-mailed jobs that were usually well defined to my search. Much higher quality of serious employers than Monster. I would recommend highly to anyone in food service or hospitality. Of the 52 positions applied for only 6 were from the "iHire" sites. I just accepted one of the six."

Daniel H.

Orange Park, FL
"Helped me to stay on point in terms of recognizing the jobs that are available in my area!"

Michael P.

North Hollywood, CA
"This is a good website to enter and search."

Pallavi P.

"I am very pleased with the site and am looking forward to getting the right employment with your service."

Ildiko B.

San Diego, CA
"Hey buddy, this site costs a little but... I think it's the best one."

Mike G.

Westminster, CO
"Ever since I put my resume on iHireHospitality, I've been getting calls from all types of employers. Now I have so many more job openings to apply to."

Guadalupe R.

Elmhurst, NY
"Thank you so very much for your assistance. Between my night audit & property management experience I had no problem locating another job!"

Clifford S.

Lake Forest, CA
"Try here and I think you will be surprised and very pleased with the results."

David S.

Pembroke Pines, FL