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9 Cities With Exciting Hospitality Management Jobs

A career in the hospitality business can be fun and exciting. With a variety of job options to choose from, including hotel staff and restaurant service positions to entertainment professionals and sales representatives, you’re sure to find a job that aligns with your area of interest. And, if you’re looking for hospitality management-level positions, it doesn’t hurt that many of the best hospitality management jobs available can be found in some of the most exciting cities in the US! Below are some of the hottest locations to consider when searching for hospitality careers. 


1. Albuquerque, NM


View of Downtown Albuquerque skyline, Civic Plaza, offices and government buildings


If you love a rugged, mountainous landscape, then Albuquerque fits the bill. Aside from the beautiful scenery, it’s also a popular filming destination. Many films and television shows find their home in Albuquerque, so it can be an exciting place to live for someone in the hospitality business. It also helps that hospitality and tourism is the largest employment sector in New Mexico.


2. Chicago, IL


Cityscape image of Chicago downtown during twilight blue hour


As the third-largest city in the country, Chicago is known for its restaurant and business scene. As such, you can add it to your list of considerations for hospitality management jobs. There are hundreds of open positions that allow you to grow within your career, and the average age demographic is in the mid-30s, making it a great place to learn and continue advancing. 


3. Dallas, TX


Dallas downtown cityscape at twilight


Trulia report indicated that many are moving from New York City and Los Angeles to the Dallas area. You have the advantages of living in a city, such as ample job opportunities and excellent restaurants, without the same level of costs and crime rates found in other US cities. So, if you’re looking for a warmer climate with a relatively low cost of living and ample hospitality management jobs, then Dallas might be a good fit for you.


4. Denver, CO


Downtown Denver cityscape on a sunny day


If you love sunshine, then Denver is the place to be. A city that boasts having more sunny days throughout the year than any other city, you’re sure to find happiness here. Plus, Colorado is a state that tends to have a high concentration of opportunities in the hospitality area. Whether you’re looking to be a restaurant manager or the head of a popular tourist hotel, Denver is sure to have a position to fit your aspirations.


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5. Las Vegas, NV


Las Vegas, Nevada, USA skyline over the strip at dusk


Nevada is another state known to have a high concentration of leisure and hospitality job openings. So, even if gambling isn’t your thing, Las Vegas could be a viable option for hospitality management positions. Given that it’s a casino epicenter and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the US, there is not a lack of hotels or restaurants throughout the city in which to work.


6. Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles, California, USA downtown cityscape


If you love the idea of Hollywood and rubbing elbows with the stars, then Los Angeles is the place to be – not to mention that the sunny and warm climate and local beaches make it a fun place to live. As a popular California tourist destination, it doesn’t lack for hotel and restaurant management opportunities.


7. New York, NY


new york cityscape


As one of the world’s top tourist attractions, it’s no wonder that New York City is an ideal place for hospitality management jobs. Plus, with a cool history, culture, diversity, and exciting nightlife, it’s a fun place to live and work. Not to mention, it’s also the largest city in the US. Whether you’re looking for hotel management jobs or restaurant management jobs, you’re sure to find a job to fit your personality in New York.


8. Orlando, FL


Orlando, Florida, USA downtown skyline at Eola Lake


If you prefer a more humid climate than the dry California desert, then Orlando might be more up your alley. With Walt Disney World and Epcot within its limits, Orlando offers some fun and lucrative opportunities for those seeking hotel and restaurant management jobs.


9. Washington, DC


Washington DC - US Capitol building from Pennsylvania Avenue


Not only is our nation’s capital a popular tourist destination, but it’s also a business center for the world. Business travelers and tourists alike create a demand for hotels and transportation services in Washington, DC, which equates to the need for hospitality managers.


Tourism and travel continue to support the high demand of those seeking hospitality management careers, such as restaurant management jobs and hotel management jobs. Start your search today to get one step closer to your dream job in the hospitality industry.

By iHire | August 13, 2019
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